Why Our Plants Live

After forty years in the business, there is one significant thing, and this is very important, all plant material that is used in New York City offices comes from Southern Florida. We take the time and the extra expense to ship everything to our acclimation warehouse (greenhouse) which is south of New York City. All materials are then placed in much lower light at this particular time. The trees and plants can stay at this acclimation warehouse anywhere from six months to two years to go through the acclimation process.

The nurseries in Southern Florida have thousands of foot-candles of light bouncing around in their nursery. So when they move a tropical plant to New York City, it is virtually like putting them in a cave which causes them to lose their leaves and most likely die.

I guarantee that no one else can deliver a better product than we do. Think about it, all trees and plants are perishable. With me being a nurseryman and businessman, I want to deliver the best possible product I can. In the long run, it benefits the customer and my company because the plants are so much healthy and heartier. Other companies in New York City bring their materials straight from Southern Florida and install them into offices immediately, and the plants go through a defoliation process on the premises, not during the warehouse acclimation period.

Short story, 30 years ago, I was working at my plant shop on 57th and Lexington and I got a call from a plant company that was at the Jacob K. Javits Center. They were in town doing a trade show, and they had to get rid of a lot of large plants, so they offered me a super low price so I picked up the plants and put them in my plant shop. For some reason these plants never died, and I couldn’t figure out why they were so hearty.  So I investigated and found that this particular Canadian company took their plants to Canada and put them in simulated office spaces, like warehouses, and held them for a year before they would sell them. That impressed upon me how important the acclimation process was, so I built an acclimation warehouse south of New York City for the exact reason of acclimating my plants. This is why my plants are so hearty and the chances of them thriving at your location are much better.

There are two reasons you’re looking at this website – you’re looking for new plants, or you’re not happy with your current plant company.

PLB has been designing and supplying trees and plants for many of New York’s most prestigious corporations since 1973.

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