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Why Our Plants Live?

After forty years in the business, there is one significant thing, and this is very important, all plant material that is used in New York City offices comes from Southern Florida. We take the time and the extra expense to ship everything to our acclimation warehouse (greenhouse) which is south of New York City. All materials are then placed in much lower light at this particular time. The trees and plants can stay at this acclimation warehouse anywhere from six months to two years to go through the acclimation process.

PLB Best Services

Plants and Decorative Planters

Using plants and decorative planters as design elements in your environment, brings nature inside to create warm and…

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Maintenance Service

We guarantee our weekly maintenance service. If any plant we install should lose its healthy condition, we will replace the installed plant…

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Floral Ornaments

We also offer a variety of floral arrangements, which includes, but not limited to, Orchids and Bromeliads, to add color to your interior space.

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About PLB


PLB Horticultural Design, Inc., (also known as Plants Le Bacle, pronounced ‘LeBok’) has been designing and supplying trees and plants for many of New York’s most prestigious corporations since 1973.

We have a loyal portfolio of clients ranging from business offices, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, property managers, stores, building managers and general contractors.

We are one of the oldest plant companies in New York City.

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“PLB is one of the Oldest Horticultural Design Companies in Manhattan. We are extremely experienced in everything Horticultural.”

Don’t be afraid of our address. We’ve been in this location for 40 years and have extremely competitive prices. Much lower than other companies.

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“A Leafy Office is a Happier Office, Study Finds”

Green begets green

The world’s first study of the “long-term impacts of plants in an office environment” suggests that a simple arrangement of a few plants around the office can pay huge dividends.

Researchers measured a 15% increase in productivity after “lean offices”—or workplaces with a desert-like aesthetic—were spruced up with leafy, green plant life. Over the course of several weeks, workers in three commercial spaces in the U.K. and the Netherlands reported higher levels of air quality, improved powers of concentration and a general increase in workplace satisfaction.

“It appears that in part this is because a green office communicates to employees that their employer cares about them and their welfare,” saidstudy author Alex Haslam, a psychology professor at the University of Queensland. “The findings suggest that investing in landscaping an office will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.”

Researchers also noted the findings contradicted a movement among interior designers towards severely stripped down and unadorned workspaces. “Sometimes less is just less,” Haslam concluded.

Kedmey, Dan. “A Leafy Office is a Happier Office, Study Finds.” Time, 1 Sep. 2014, Accessed 13 Sep. 2016.